Questions & Answers

It's expected that as you ponder this important decision, you will have plenty of questions.  Below is a section of questions and answers to the most common questions.  However, if you have more questions, reach out to me anytime!  I answer each and every email personally and generally within the same business day.  If your question seems relevant to others, I will post it below, along with the answer.

Question:​  How long is the course?

Answer:     The course is 7 weeks in duration.  We start on a Monday and conclude on a Sunday.

Question:  After the class concludes, are there any services offered?

Answer:    Absolutely.  Ongoing coaching/consulting is available through HBC at an additional cost.  While I expect many participants will find great value in the course and be in great shape from there, rest assured that you are not left to fend for yourself upon conclusion.  In addition,                   the cohort group page established will remain active and available to participants indefinitely, should you wish to discuss questions and                     successes with others.

Question:  How do your personal finance philosophies align or differ with some of the bigger names in the industry today?

Answer:     ​While I have my own personal biases and ways in which I build wealth for my family, I believe that personal finance is a series of             opportunity costs that each person/couple has to navigate individually.  As such, I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to                                 personal finance, as each person has their own wants, needs and desires on this topic.  I do not teach or believe that every person                           needs to be debt free or saving 35% of their income for retirement....the answers are just not that absolute.  As such, you can expect                       that I will present you with meaningful information, challenge your way of thinking, but in a way that you can create new understanding                     and visibility into what impacts your decisions may have in the short and long-run.  Ultimately, however, it is up to you individually to                           pave your own path and create your own set of financial goals.  I will offer my opinion as requested, but do not believe in dictating your                     personal financial path.

Question:  I'm a busy person.  How much work will the course be?

Answer:     That is partially up to you.  The "required" elements of the course are broken into four parts.  The first section is four weeks in duration   and while it's not difficult, will take some time to coordinate and organize.  Weeks five, six and seven each constitute one foundational                       activity per week.  In addition, I will frequently post tools, templates, articles and create a forum of dialogue and discussion through the                     group page.  However, articles and discussions are suggested, but optional.

Question:  Do I have to share personal data with the class or with you?

Answer:     No.  To start, I would never ask you to share personal financial data with others in the course.  As it relates to me, the answer is           also no, however, sometimes I can give you more specific and personalized advice if I can see your financial information.  Understand,                     however, that personal finance is extremely confidential to some, so if you choose not to share dollars and cents, that is completely                          acceptable.

Question:  How is the course delivered?

Answer:     The course is virtual in nature.  Content is delivered through a group portal, as well as through discussion posts, email and recorded   video lecture/discussion.  As mentioned above, there are always opportunities to connect face-to-face as well.

Question:  What are the learning outcomes?

Answer:     Send me an email and I would be most pleased to send you the course syllabus!  (  

Question:  What exactly do I get for the cost of the course?

Answer:     I believe wholeheartedly that all participants will walk away with a new awareness and a fresh set of understanding about their personal finances.  Minimally, everyone will leave with the following:  an understanding of how they spend, a personal budget, financial goals and     an action plan.  I respect that the course is no small sum of money, but I believe also that the way in which we discuss and consider                         planning our financial futures will actually save​ you money.  In other words, this course is likely to be an investment that you see                               returned back to you many times over.  I also openly acknowledge that there are free tools and courses on the internet.  I believe this                        course will be different, however, in that the content is delivered by a live person with very real experience on the topic.  As is true in life,                   you get what you pay for!

Remember:  college courses are upwards of $1000 and often more.  This course is $17/week!

Question:  What is your cancellation policy?

Answer:     Because this is a cohort experience, I ask that once you commit, you're truly in.  If you cancel within two days of the course start, I will refund your course fees, less 25%.  After two days into the course, I unfortunately cannot offer a refund.

Question:  When are course fees due?

Answer:     ​Course fees are due three days prior to the course starting.  It is important to note that I will keep a wait list and if fees are not received by three days prior to the course start, those wait listed will have an opportunity to join the cohort.  

Over the years, I have developed both my teaching and personal finance philosophies through hard work, studying best-in-practice personal finance principles and turning these concepts into action.  My wife and I have established short and long-range financial goals, operate within a prescribed budget and continue to work toward our goal of retiring at an early age.  Join me in learning some basic personal finance philosophies through dedicated learning exercises linked to your own personal financial journey!

"Erich Heneke was my instructor for Budgeting and Decision Making in 2016. 

He is a great instructor that is able to relate budgeting for business theories to everyday situations.  His teaching style is real world application, and his knowledge of industry makes the material relateable.  After taking his course I feel confident in understanding the dynamics of business and personal budgeting.  I would recommend his course to my peers interested in beginning to learn the basic ins and outs of the budgeting world."

Angela Foster, Former Student

Announcing!  Personal Finance Course for Individuals/Couples

We are excited to announce the addition of a new form of service:  personal finance services for individuals, couples and families.  This is a topic for which I am very passionate, as I know first hand that many people struggle with even the basic tenets of how to manage their finances.  As such, HBC has developed a suite of tools available to those who wish to learn about personal finance and/or dramatically change their personal financial pictures in the short and long-term.  Many people will be interested in this recently developed personal finance course.  This course is described below.

If you're interested in learning more about the specifics of this course, please view/listen to my recording here.  

​Personal Finance Courses Starting June & July 2017!

​In response to both courses taught previously on personal finance (along with wildly positive feedback) as well as continuous requests for assistance, HBC has developed a 7-week guided online course addressing the basic elements of personal finance.  The course is best for those who wish to more deeply examine their personal financial scenarios, understand what their household finances are today and how they can be improved, think short and long-term about personal finance and develop plans to shore up gaps between personal financial goals and the realities of their financial circumstances today.  The course works this way:

  • The course is designed as a cohort, insomuch as learning can take place between all participants as well as through my instruction
  • Over the 7 weeks, participants will work through a series of four exercises intended to bring visibility to personal finances
  • An online (private) group will be established for participants to ask questions, submit feedback and give/receive encouragement from their cohorts (this group will remain open beyond the course end date for dialogue to continue into perpetuity) 
  • At the conclusion of the course, participants will have a written call to action for which to execute against their goals
  • If desired, HBC can offer consultative coaching beyond the course dates at an additional cost

​For getting in now, I am offering the first 15 participants/couples the opportunity to take the course at an introductory rate of just $17/week ($119 entire course)!  Prices will go up after July, so sign up today!

To enroll or for more information, contact me anytime at  

June course starts June 5th (June 5 - July 23)

July course starts July 10th (July 10 - Aug 27)